Technology for baking

TECNOPAST, division of ROVIMPEX NOVALEDO, developes a wide range of equipment for small and medium bakeries with capacity up to 4000/5000 kg per day, completed with a line of semi-automatic machines for higher production.

All our products are carefully designed and manufactured by our own staff, paying particular attention to the technological innovations, and covering all the sectors of bread making from cooling to kneading, from moulding and dividing to baking and proofing.

Moreover it is available a line of equipment for the production of croissants, cookies, cakes and "pizzeria" further to fresh "pasta" machines with a capacity up to 150 kg per hour.

Besides equipment TECNOPAST can arrange for the training of personnel and bakers and can give support for the creation of complete bakery and pastry projects.


The use of new technologies in the production and conservation of products, allows modern bakeries to optimize the production cycles and to improve the quality of the product and the working conditions. Applying advanced technologies in the management and control of the process of proving and cooling of the mixture, allows us to create easy to use machines and highly productive equipment.

Who we are

For the last twenty years ROVIMPEX Novaledo has produced machines and plants for the bakery industry in its Novaledo factory (Trento - Italy). Under its trademarks TECNOPAST and NOVACEL, the company supplies products for small and medium-sized bakeries, semi-automatic lines for industrial bakeries, in addition to plants for frozen bread and pastry production.

TECNOPAST produces machines for preparing and baking bread and pastry dough, in particular spiral mixers, dividers, rounders, planetary mixers, dough sheeters, ovens and accessories.


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