Bread grinder
Serie MILL100

Technical charateristcs:
  • Simple and easy-handling machine.
  • Two different grinding sizes.
  • Stainless steel structure.
Model MILL100
Max output kg/h 100
Dimensions cm 52×53×99
Weight kg 23
Power kW 0,75

Bread grinder
Serie MILL300

Machine designed for large quantities of ground. Constructed to reduce the working times with immediate recovery of the ground.

Technical charateristcs:
  • High capacity.
  • 3 different sizes of ground.
  • Stainless stell structure, hopper and drower
  • Capacity 30 kg.
Model MILL300
Max output kg/h 200/600
Dimensions cm 42×66×123
Weight kg 93
Power kW 1,50

Bread slicer
Serie SL12-SL50

Table model, powerful and efficient with every kind of bread. For bread with medium-hard crust.

Technical charateristcs:
  • Powder coating steel frame.
  • Front-top loading.
  • Pressure and intensity spring lift, adjustable.
  • Crumb tray included, painted stell.
  • Step fixed blades, chosen from 7 to 18 mm.
  • Stop-bread polycarbonate.
  • Manual type.
Model SL12 SL50
Weight kg 100 110
Capacity kg 200/300 200/300
Slice thickness 7/18 7/18
Step serviceable lenght loaf mm 420 520
Step serviceable high loaf mm 60-180 60-180
Power kW 0,75 0,75

Flour sifter
Serie SM1200

Necessary to remove all impurities of the flour and get a softer and homogeneous dough.

Technical charateristcs:
  • Fabricated steel structure.
  • Equipped with a revolving tube, with variable height upon request, to pass the sieved flour directly to the mixing tank.
  • Mounted on wheels for easy motion
Model SM1200
Max output oraria kg/h 1200
Dimensions cm 70×100×136
Weight kg 170
Power kW 0,3

Serie SP30 – SP40

All steel body (including roller shafts)
Two adjustable rollers, for high accuracy of the thickness, to obtain a round dough.
Ready for foot pedal.

On request:
  • Electrical pedal
Model SP30 SP50
Weight of dought production kg 50/700 50/1000
Pizza diameter cm 10/30 10/40
Dimensions cm 42×42×70 52×52×80
Weight kg 34 44